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The Valdivia Schooner R/C Sailboat - Building Diary Page 6


5/22/05 - More work assembling the sails; adding edge and corner doublers, installing corner eyelets, and sewing in battens.  Didn't make my deadline of being done with the sails by this weekend but I do have 6 of the 7 finished.

5/25/05 - Finished the remaining main sail, soldering together the mast rings for the sails, the red glass parrel holding the mainmast gaff in place, and finally - the mainsail, (I've been waiting a long time to see that there!), held with temporary lashings.

5/27/05 - Got the two mainsails up. Redid the parrels though - had them way too tight, it was restricting the movements. Much more realistic with a looser fit of the boom to the mast. Lashed the mainsail to its booms.

5/29/05 - Creating the pulley blocks for the foresails. Had to redo the foresail boom attachment to the bow, so it would clear the bell. Getting more of the sails up.

5/30/05 - All the sails are aloft! kool :)

6/04/05 - Attaching the sheets, adding the main and secondary topping lifts. Note: It was about here that I realized I had run out of 0.7mm thread, which was also noted as a problem by Terry Small in his kit review.

6/05/05 - Finished remaining secondary topping lifts, starboard side back stay installed.

6/09/05 - Installed the footropes on the main boom, starting the reef points - at this point, after several pictures and a few paragraphs explaining how to tie a small piece of string in the sails, the manual states "Repeat this process 80 times until all the reef points are complete - enjoy yourself!"  Who says the Germans don't have a sense of humor! :)   Anyway, 80 reef points later, starting assembly of the anchors, painting anchor and ventilator stacks.

6/10/05 - Starboard anchor installed, putting some of the final details in place. * added couple of below deck pictures of detail you don't get with the kit, but only on the full sized model! :)

6/12/05 - Done! Except for the flag lanyards which I ran out of thread before getting to (I'm going to email Robbe about that), there's nothing left to put on it.  In the pictures, there's some more details of the deck, a garden cart that I made a jig stand for so I can transport the boat in ease and style, and last but not least, the Fleet at anchor!