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The Valdivia Schooner R/C Sailboat - Building Diary Page 5


4/10/05 - Creating the upper mastheads, (note: the manual has a bit of a seizure at this point, some numbers in the text do not add up and some things it says to do it forgets to mention where.)   Laying out mast parts for painting, following the suggested paint scheme for the masts.

4/11/05 - Pulley blocks for the mastheads, finished with the standing hardware, time to start rigging!

 4/13/05 - Putting the lower shrouds in place.  FYI: If you cut the lanyards for the lower shrouds to 350mm as stated in the manual, you will just be wasting material like I found out in the middle picture. 450mm is what I did for the right hand picture.

 4/14/05 - Finishing the upper shrouds.

4/17/05 - More of the lines going up, plus the dolphin striker. Note: ran out of crimp sleeves for the steel cables, i.e. dolphin striker guys, foresail stay, jib stay, etc.  Luckily, had some about the same size left over from my Atlantis construction. Would have been very irritated if I didn't have them.

4/22/05 - Securing the bowsprit spreader with short strops made from thread. The end loops are made by splicing the thread back onto itself. Note: After trying darning needles as suggested in the manual, I concluded that is probably the worst way to try to splice the loops, especially when you get to the point where some of the loops go through split-pins already on the model. Suggestion: Go ahead and make the tool required for the ratline batten installation that comes later, and use this for the splices now. A lot less likely to break something this way!  UPDATE: Let me modify that and say use it on the thick 1mm line. As for the medium weight thread, if you have a smallish darning needle, that should would just fine.

4/23/05 - Got the last of the top mast stays in place, next was the navigation lamps and lamp boards, and finally starting the ratline battens. Caution: Don't get in a hurry to glue the ratlines in place as you go along like I did, the glue will wick up the thread faster then you can install the next ratline, then the thread fibers will break instead of spreading apart when you use the needle tool.

4/24/05 - Ratline batten installation. This is very labor intensive and tough on the nerves, because one slip with the needle tool could break the thread and the entire lower shroud would be ruined.

4/27/05 - Finished the ratlines on the lower shrouds. Note: the shrouds will end up a millimeter or two shorter, so everything will need to be adjusted again.

5/02/05 - Sorry for the delay, new version of a PC game that I had to overcome. :)   Anyway, started working on the booms, first up - the jib boom. Next - the parts for the Schooner boom.

5/06/05 - The Schooner boom and Main boom assembled.

5/07/05 - The booms and gaffs ready to be painted, afterwards drying.

5/13/05 - 5/14/05 - Small delay, was working out-of-town last week. Next glitch, the gaff hinges call for a long tubular rivets to keep the hinge from binding when tightened, these were not found in the accessory kit. Spent some time finding brass tubing the right size to make new ones.

5/15/05 - Starting on the sails now; tool I made to burn the 2mm holes for the corner eyelets, and one sail done, six more to go.