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The Valdivia Schooner R/C Sailboat - Building Diary Page 4


2/22/05 - Shaping the transom and filling in the seams with plastic putty in preparation for painting.

2/27/05 - Painting: below you see my water-line marker - made from a kitchen paper towel holder, next was masking off the openings in the bulwarks, then the amazing levitating boat, and finally me in my painting armor ready to do paint battle.   I lost.  Too many runs and sags right from the start, going to have to wait for the paint to harden, sand it down and try again. :(

3/5/05 - Second try painting, think it's going better. Another building tip: where it says in the guide to use double-sided tape to seal off the scuppers, make sure you use a kind that will release again, I spent quite some time removing that sticky stuff after it had settled into the painted inner surface of the bulwarks.

3/9/05 - Doing touch-ups to the paint, very happy with how it turned out, getting ready to add the wooden sections of the bulwarks next.

3/13/05 - Creating the Anchor beam, adding the handrails.

3/17/05 - Sanding smooth the handrails, sanding to shape the stern fairing and corner pieces.

3/19/05 - Final assembly of the channels, attachment to the hull.

3/20/05 - Completing the handrails, getting ready to stain the wood.

3/22/05 - Sealing the woodwork with the same teak oil finisher that I used on the deck, the first 4 pics are before and after, the oil takes the beech wood from a bare blonde to a golden honey color. Fitting the round upper handrails.

3/25/05 - Assembling the radio and wiring harness and installing in the hull.

3/27/05 - Assembling the mastheads and spreaders, cutting the topmasts.

3/30/05 - Having some problems creating the shroud hooks and other wire pieces, the supplied brass wire does not seem the right size and the 1:1 drawings in the building guide don't match the measurements given.  Going to take a couple of days away from it to let the frustration levels drop.  Also, getting my Atlantis ready to take to the Weak Signals R/C Model Show in Toledo, Ohio this weekend.

4/05/05 - Back from Toledo, and had some minor success. Will start back on the wire hooks again shortly. Go to bottom of my Atlantis page for more show pictures.

4/08/05 - A little something I picked up at the show, a volt meter module. In case you're wondering about the 2 switches, one is for the receiver and servos, the other is a separate battery for the drive motor. Soldering the brass shroud hooks.