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The Valdivia Schooner R/C Sailboat - Building Diary Page 3


1/4/05 - Radio parts arrived; couldn't wait to install them so no picture.  Did the calibrations required and installed the sheet (lines) connections to the sail winches. I've been staring at the boom arm of the main sail winch and wondering if I shouldn't reinforce it somehow, seems a bit flimsy hanging out there in space, considering it will have the main sail sheets torquing on it.

1/9/05 - After double checking everything major was complete below decks, did final attachment of deck to hull.

1/12/05 - Deck is securely attached, working the bowsprit now.

1/20/05 - Been sick for the past few days, that and the fact that when I went to glue the aluminum tube to the wood piece shown in the picture below, the glue set before I could push them completely together, basically ruining the bowsprit.  It's taken the wind out of my sails, so to speak but I'll carve out a new one here shortly.

1/27/05 - Ok, back in the swing of things again.  I've replaced the bowsprit and have moved on pass that point.  In the picture you can see what's left of the broken one.

1/29/05 - Skipped ahead briefly from the bowsprit and installed the mast sleeves below decks. The masts are actually somewhat complex, with a spring loaded base to ease unshipping the masts for travel.

1/30/05 - Assembling the jib boom, and mounting it to the bowsprit.

2/3/05 - Trimming back the deck to it's final shape, a clean edge is required since this is going to be the outer visible rubbing rail of the boat. The Dremel configuration is not anything you'll find in their catalog.

2/6/05 - Started work on the bulwarks, trimming them to fit, taking care in cutting the scuppers, and marking the points for the stanchions in the bulwarks.

2/9/05 - Installing the stanchions in the bulwarks.

2/11/05 - Here's a little gotcha. The bulwarks have a bit of a curve in the wall towards the stern, so after I glued the stanchions in and clamped the bulwark flat to them, I was left with a wavy outer surface, (that's what I'm trying to show in the fuzzy picture below.) So I sawed a notch in the stanchions and allowed them to bend, thus closing the notches and putting a bit of the curve back in the outer wall and reducing the waviness.

2/13/05 - OK, look sharp!  This is one of those things you're viewing this building diary for. In the following picture, the bulwark shown had all it's measurements done from telltales left on the plastic from the molds, i.e.- the stanchions were marked where to go, same for the scuppers, and a mark where to drill the hole for the hawse. I've laid their laser-cut plywood belaying rail on the brass hawse, and needless to say, it does not compare very well with their pretty picture in the building manual. I'm going to have to completely rework the belaying rails (4) to get a better looking fit. UPDATE: The picture on the right shows my freehand attempt at what they have in the manual, gotta love that Dremel! :)

2/16/05 - Ready to paint soon, put my painting booth together.

2/19/05-2/20/05 - Painted the bowsprit, jib boom, and the inside of the bulwarks. Glued the bulwarks in place. And added the transom doublers, they'll need to be shaped before painting the hull can begin. (I couldn't figure a way to clamp or tape the bottom transom piece, resorted to manual labor.)