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The Valdivia Schooner R/C Sailboat - Building Diary Page 2


10/11/04 - Added the Main and Foresail winches.

10/16/04 - Added deck fittings for the sheets.

 10/17/04 - 10/18/04:  I hit a snag. I need a radio to operate the servos so I can mark and adjust the runs for the sheets, but I had put off buying the radio thinking I didn't need it until the assembly was complete. Anyway, I've skipped ahead to the assembly of the anchor winch, since it is about the last thing I can do before the adjustments and the sealing of the deck to the hull.

10/30/04 - While waiting for a radio to arrive, I've started on some of the hatch cover super structures.

11/04/04 - More cabin construction

11/17/04 - Short delay, was out-of-town last week, and my new Radio arrived, courtesy of my good friend Charles at Gold Coast Hobby!  Unfortunately, there are still some modules missing that are being shipped in from Robbe. This gives me more time to figure out a power plan for the boat.  The building document refers to a two power-source layout, one for the receiver/servos and one for the power train (propeller), but the drawings show a single battery source for everything. I'll need to make a wiring harness for the second battery so I can recharge in the boat.

11/18/04 - 11/23/04 - Cabin construction continued

11/25/04 - 11/27/04 - Next Cabin

11/28/04 - More cabins

11/29/04 - 12/05/04 - Main cabin building

12/05/04 - 12/09/04 - Command cabin

12/16/04 - While I'm still waiting for the radio parts, here are some of my innovations:

I went back and ripped out the plastic tubing and replaced it with brass tubes, and secured them with my poor mans' version of fiberglass (paper towels soaked with glue). Like the look and feel of brass better.

Here I applied some experience from building my Atlantis.  I used the spacers horizontally to give better grip instead of vertically as in the instructions.