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The Valdivia Schooner R/C Sailboat Kit - Building Diary

I made these entries as I built my Valdivia Sailboat kit from Robbe, I added pictures and comments as I went along.  I present them here in hopes one or the other will be of help to anyone else that wishes to undertake one of these projects.

The building manual listed here in Adobe Acrobat format is the one that use to be available from Robbe's website.       Robbe Building Guide - 3.8Mb

Magazine Review Note: There's a really great 3-part review of this kit starting with the April '05 edition of Marine Modelling International.  If you have any interest at all in this model, (which you must if you're reading here), I would highly recommend looking for this magazine at your local major hobby shop.

Review Update: There is a even better 4-part kit build/ review of the Valdivia, starting with the July/August 2006 issue of Ships in Scale Magazine. I feel that Patrick Matthews did a particularly fine job with this and he was kind enough to include several tips from me in the closing of the article.  

End-of-build Update:  Thanks for following along, everyone!   There's still a thousand little adjustments to be done on it, but that'll come after I get it out on the water.  I'll be starting a sailing page for that.  Hardly feels like it's over, got in the habit of working a hour or so each day on this and now the work shop is empty.  Wonder what I can find to work on next?

Here is a excerpt of the Valdivia page that use to be in Robbes' catalog.

News:    It appears that Robbe Modellsport has dropped all their Large format sailboats, (and the majority of all their other boats as well), from the catalog.  This is sad for me since I personally felt they had some of the best detailed schooner kits available on the market.  From what I can tell, it looks like Billing's Boats has taken over production of this kit, and is now known as Valdivia's earlier name, " Vanadis".

Gerd Neumann (designer of kit) made available 17 close-up pictures of the Original Valdivia which I have added to the diary in the appropriate places for comparison.  They really show how close the kit model is to the full-sized boat in detail.

Project Pages / Timeline

Page 1 - 7/01/04 to 10/10/04

Page 2 - 10/11/04 to 12/16/04

Page 3 - 1/04/05 to 2/20/05

Page 4 - 2/22/05 to 4/08/05

Page 5 - 4/10/05 to 5/15/05

Page 6 - 5/22/05 to 6/12/05

 Sailing page

 Weak Signals R/C Show 2006

 Valdivia Update 2/2007