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Links Page

Atlantis links:

www.busybeas.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk  - My friend Steve in the UK has recently started his build of the Robbe Atlantis schooner and recording it on his website. And with his enthusiasm, has also gathered together a list of some other Atlantis owners, something I never got around to doing.  It is do to his fine efforts that I list some of these here.

www.minisail.com/dies-das/spreizgaffelschoner-atlantis [Non-English]  - Gerd Neumann from Germany, started working in 1976 for ROBBE as a shipmodel design engineer, and models like ATLANTIS; BERLIN; DÜSSELDORF; VALDIVIA, and HAPPY HUNTER came from his workshop. He has recently retired. I highly recommend looking at his project "Susanne", that is modeled on a Atlantis hull. Great "Mini-Sail" Club website, featuring many beautiful scratch-built boats.

www.markus-berwanger.de/Schiffsmodellbau/Atlantis/atlantis.html [Non-English] - Markus Berwanger's web site from Germany.

www.rc-modellbau-schiffe.de/Schiffe/ANDERE_SCHIFFE/SEGELSCHIFFE/Atlantis/Atlantis.html [Non-English] - Atlantis website of Friedhelm Verken with the deck planking effect that both Steve and myself have been interested in.

schooners.wikispaces.com - Club in the UK that specializes in Atlantis Schooners, they have pictures upwards to a dozen Atlantis's (Atlanti?) on the water at the same time. (too bad it's so far away for me.)

Valdivia links:

Tall-Ship Fan  - Wonderful database of  Tall Ships, lots of pictures, I entered "Valdivia" and found some great shots of the original boat.

www.minisail.com - valdivia [Non-English] This is another link to Gerd Neumann's site in Germany. In the few emails I've had with him, it is my understanding he was Robbe's MasterBuilder for this kit.

Billing's Boats USA - US outlet for Billing's Boats, which now carries the Valdivia Schooner kit under the name "Vanadis".

Misc. links:

Robbe Modellsport  - The manufacture of some of the kits I've greatly enjoyed building.  Unfortunately, they no longer seem to be selling much in the way of boats.

Gold Coast Hobby  - Long Island, NY - one of the few Robbe Distributors in the US, where I obtained my Valdivia kits, ask for Charles, if he's still there.  They have a new toll-free number, 800-628-9625.  (Update: having checked recently, they no longer appear to have any Robbe sailboat kits.)

        The type font is a little small but it says, "Marine Modeling International", very good print magazine from the UK but not much info online. The publishers site also carries quite a few books, such as Historical Sailing Ships / Remote Controlled, which I like.

Weak Signals R/C Model Show in Toledo, Ohio  - Great R/C show, even though it's 95% dedicated to airplanes. Won prizes there with my Atlantis and Valdivia



    Remember: Always report broken links to your captain.  ;)