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GoodSpeed 42 -


* I was told I had purchased the last kit produced.

GoodSpeed 42 Ocean Racing/ Cruising Yawl

Length: 42 in.        Draft: 6.5 in.

Beam: 13 in.        Ballast: 12 lbs.

Material: Fiberglass        Total Displacement: 18.5 lbs.

Sail Area: 637 sq. in.

Sug. Retail in 1989 catalog: kit $595.00    Fully Commissioned: $1,595.00

The GoodSpeed 42 is a scale design of a custom forty-two foot ocean racing/ cruising yawl.  The model was specifically designed for radio controlled sailing by R.L. Goodspeed, and is built around the actual formulas and calculations utilized in the full scale design.