Taylor's R/C Boatyard

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The Baltimore Clipper Schooner R/C Sailboat - Conversion Diary Page 6


11/19/09 - Attached the sheets to the Topsail, started adding the reefing ties to the sails.


1/17/2010 - Installing the anchor and anchor chain to the cathead, along with a cleat to hold it in place.

2/15/2010 - Added foot ropes to the yardarms.

2/16/2010 - Installed back-stays for the foremast to help off-set the addition of the top-sail, also added an guard to the carrier, to protect the jib boom.

4/01/2010 - Created mounting trays for the cannon, installed magnets in the tray and gun carriage to allow the cannon two positions and still remain securely attached.

4/05/2010 - Added protective bars over the windows of the cabins, you can also see the cannons in place.

4/08/2010 - Some pictures of the safety ropes on the jib boom.


5/12/2010 - This is the assembly table, to be taken to the sailing site for the attachment of the drop-keel.

7/16/2010 - My "Fleet" docked along side my desk. :)   Hope you enjoyed the build, I know I did!