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The Baltimore Clipper Schooner R/C Sailboat - Conversion Diary Page 5


8/9/09 -  Finished the Mast Stays.

8/9/09 - 8/16/09 - Installed the lines for the Jib Boom, added safety lines.

8/16/09 - 8/29/09 - Added yard-arm hinges to the upper mast, followed by the yards. The attachment of the hinge to the yard-arm may look a little strange, it's because I used collars with set-screws to join the different materials together. I couldn't find what I wanted that would look appropriate so I went with what might handle the wind loading.

9/9/09 -  Assembled and painted the booms and gaff booms,  darkened the brass hinges with Blacken-It.

9/18/09 - 9/28/09 - Applied the sail reinforcements and seam lines, soldering the mast hoops.  A before shot, with them nice and shiny new, then after I tarnished them with Blacken-It.

9/30/09 - 10/1/09 -  Attached the gaff-booms, attached the mast-hoops to the sails and slipped them onto the masts, a picture of the pulley blocks for the topsail yard-arm sheets, followed by nailing the masthead to the mast to prevent it from twisting, and finally, the two main sails attached to the gaff-booms with temporary lashings.

10/5/09 - Belaying pins in a pin rack, first shows untreated brass pins, the second shows after they have been chemically etched with Blacken-It.  I like the results. 

10/14/09 - Lacing the mainsails to the booms.

10/18/09 - Attached the foresails.

10/21/09 - 10/24/09 -  This is the first sail that I've actually made, all the others I just assembled.  You can see in the 3rd pic the sheet with the pre-cut reinforcements, I'm looking for extra material off of it for this extra sail.

10/25/09 -  Here the Topsail is loosely lashed to the yards, next is lacing the sail to the yard.

10/26/09 - Almost done, just a few more details to go;  some pics with all the sails on.  Took a long time to get to this point.