Taylor's R/C Boatyard

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The Baltimore Clipper Schooner R/C Sailboat - Conversion Diary Page 3


7/18/08 - All the Sheets gathered above deck, starting on the anchor winch. 

7/23/08 - Completed and painted the anchor winch. It looked good enough painted that I went back to my previous Valdivia and unbolted the winch on it, which I had originally left unpainted, and painted it.  Next you see the winch for the Clipper mounted on deck.

7/30/08 - Decided to pour glass epoxy into the bottom of the keel, to seal the lead bars in and reinforce their connection to the hull. (sorry, the camera focused on the foreground items and not down where the epoxy is.)

7/31/08 - Joining the deck to the hull. Nothing really new here, just wish I could find a better plastic epoxy, what I used holds OK but if enough sheer force is applied, the whole thing could unzip along the seam. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything with a long enough working time that would weld the plastic stronger then the epoxy I used.  I barely got everything aligned before the glue set as it was.

8/7/08 - Bowsprit; not much different here, except I plan to relocate the ship's bell elsewhere. Also plan to change the original layout of the removable jib boom and lock it down instead.

8/26/08 - Trimmed back the deck/ hull joint.

9/2/08 - Bow Sprit and Jib Boom - nothing new here.

10/13/08 - Decided to line the interior of the bulwarks with teak to give better contrast and more wood coverage.

10/14/08 - Using Valdivia to determine proper location of gun-ports.

11/9/08 - Assembling the cannons and determining proper height of gun-ports on bulwark.

11/10/08 - Gun-ports.

11/11/08 - Attaching the bulwarks to the hull, using plastic filler on the transom joints.

11/15/08 - Filling the interior of the transom with wood. 

11/18/08 -  Sanding the outside of the transom,  filling in the inside of the transom.

1/24/09 - Created a metal stand, making use of the attachment points for the drop-keel.