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The Baltimore Schooner R/C Sailboat - Conversion Diary Page 2

5/13/07 - Cut-down the thickness of the box, should be easier to cut the right size sprue and vent holes thru the sand now.

5/18/07 - This is attempt 3 out of 4, everything went right except I missed on the volume calculations. The last picture shows what happens when you run out of lead too soon.

5/19/07 - Finally got a casting that I think I can work with. Using the hand tools I have, will mill it down to spec. Just need to get the plastic drop clothe down for all the lead shavings that are going to fly everywhere.

1/15 - 1/24/08 -   Started deck planking; small change from kit - I framed around the hatches before continuing with the regular pattern.

1/26 - 2/24/08 - Completing the planking

2/25 - 3/5/08 - Before and After sanding the deck 

3/11/08 - Before and After applying Teak Oil finish 

5/26/08 - The original plan of having a engine nodule with half the keel ballast in a detachable format has been scraped. Instead, I am going with a simple weighted detachable fin.

6/3/08 -  Revised earlier version of Topsail sheet loop; decided there was not enough travel in it and came up with a alternate to lengthened it. (I'll talk about the cut braces shortly.)

6/4/08 - Adding traveling blocks to the Topsail sheet loop

6/7/08 - The thru-deck fairleads for the Topsail sheets

6/8/08 - With the Main sheet winch attached to the underside of the desk, there was no way I could slide the sheet loop arm under or around the braces for the detachable keel, so I cut one side out.  And replaced it with a removable brace that won't be in the way until I join the deck to the hull.

6/10/08 - The brace attached to the underside of the deck, with the Topsail fairleads mounted in place.

6/21/08 - Preformed a water balance test in a small inflatable pool with the keel bulb attached; needed a little trim weight in the bow to even things up.

7/16/08 - Radio and wiring layout; securing the wires to the underside of the deck, mounting the antenna below deck.