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The Baltimore Schooner R/C Sailboat - Conversion Diary Page 1


11/11/06  -  Reorganized the Shop, unpacked the kit.

 11/12/06  -  Filled in the propeller notch on the stern: 


1/10/07 - (Sorry for the long break, end-of-the-year Holiday Madness and all that.)  Again, for this log I'm only going to put things that deviate from the original kit up here.  First pic is were I'm replacing the thin plastic rudder pivot with a sturdy brass one. Next you see the fill-in for the propeller notch w/ rudder.  The last two are of the additional sail winch for the top-sail; this is taking the place of the internal aux. motor.

1/30/07 - Smoothed out the stern section with White Putty. You can see the Keel Bulb taking shape in the foreground - the wood and styrene are just forms for the sand molds later that I'll be poring the lead into.

2/24/07 - The Shop is starting to fill up.

2/25/07 - Actually got around to poking some holes in the hull.  What you see here is a small plumb-bob I'm using to align one of the supports for the detachable keel.

3/08/07 - Anchor points for the cross-braces for the drop keel.

3/15/07 - Here I am following up on a idea by another builder. Pat Matthews suggested reinforcing the glued on girders with screws thru the deck.

3/17/07 -  Temporarily bolting the deck in place, simple tool to measure the internal hull dimension for the cross-braces, cutting and bolting the braces in place.

3/18/07 - Plumb bob for vertical placement of hole in lead bar, checking alignment with the through-hull rods. Notice the over-sized holes in the lead ballast - the rods will be conductors for the motor in the ballast pod, so I will be sealing the thru-hull points with epoxy and not making contact with the lead to prevent shorting out my power buss. Next you see the brass tubing that I will seal in place and that the rods will pass thru.  I flared the tube end over a washer to give myself a larger gluing point to attach to the hull. The final two are of the ballast that I am keeping for the internal keel support.

4/5/07 - Finished shaping the wooden fin insert between the pod and the hull, cut the rods to length and fitted the retaining nuts.

4/14/07 - Went to the Toledo Weak Signals 53rd R/C Expo today, shopped for some needed hardware, spend several hours walking around the booths and taking pictures of the competition models.


4/21/07 - Some of the running hardware I picked up at the Toledo Show.  I'll need to cut-down the drive shaft and stuffing box to what the final dimension is for the aft section of the pod, but I think the motor is going to fit quite well.

4/26/07 - Added my loop for the Topsail winch and added some bracing to the backside of the winch.

5/12/07 -  2nd attempt, made the sprue (pour) hole too small and the mold box was too thick; lead cooled before it ever reach the inside of the mold, it all piled up on top of the box.