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Weak Signals R/C Show 2006


Toledo, Ohio


4/9/06 - Took the Valdivia to the Weak Signals R/C Show this year and won 3rd place in some stiff competition. The 1st place winner in my category also won Best of Show just to give you an idea of the level of things.

Valdivia on the competition table.

3rd Place plaque for Pleasure Boat category.

The Competition!

In the forground is the 1st place winner of the category and overall Best of Show.

The radio that went with the 3rd place plaque.


Follow this link to the Show page of all winners: http://www.toledoshow.com/winners.html


A good friend of mine at work, Eric Smith, compiled this video for me to use at the show, unfortunately there was no power available at the display tables for the DVD player. It's a fair size at 5 minutes, even in it's condensed form, but it has some cool action shots from the deck with my wireless cam.  

Valdivia Sailing Video


These are all the same video file, (for now), just saved in different formats.

(If clicking on the link fails to start the video in your browser, you might want to right-click and do a "Save Target As...")

Valdivia Sailing , QuickTime Format, 9Mb

Valdivia Sailing, Windows Media Player, 9Mb

Valdivia Sailing, No-Sound, QuickTime Format, 7Mb



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