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The Valdivia Schooner R/C Sailboat Kit - Building Diary

Sailing Page

* Follow this link to see my Sailing Video of the Valdivia!

6/19/05 - First time sailing it. Took awhile to get use to setting the Jib sheets from one side to the other while the other control set the inhaul and outhaul of the main sheets.


9/17/05 - Next sail: added the Fisherman's sail this time.  I had tried to go sailing the weekend before, but only got a couple miles from the house when someone stopped short in front of me, hit the brakes hard and the boat flew off the stand and into the back of a seat.  Snapped the bowsprit off but did little other damage. Anyway, tried again this week and it went a little better. Pictures are a little dark from the overcast day.


6/3/06 - Today was the windiest that I taken it out in yet, 5 - 10mph with some gusts up to 14mph, according to the anemometer.  Removed all the sails that could be taken off.  Sailed pretty good too.

10/9/06 - Hardly any air moving at all today, but was too nice to spend inside, especially when it's the Fall and you don't know how many nice days are left before Winter!


4/29/07 - Some high-rez shots on a nice mid-spring Sunday afternoon!







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